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Passion (in 6 words)

Should we? 

Hell, yeah!

Kiss me.



Maybe today is the day

My heart cries out for you

Maybe today is the day

You hear my crying heart

Maybe tonight is the night

Our love takes us through the dark

Holding on to each other

Embracing our passion

Breathing our dreams

Forgetting the world

Only you

Only me

Only us




Our hearts are racing
Skipping beats

Our blood is pulsing
A gushing stream

Our passion’s rising
Heating steam

Our love is growing
Hearts expanding
Attraction increasing

You are
I am
We are



Tapestry of Life


A colleague of mine turned thirty today. I spent a few minutes thinking back on my thirties. Just because I’ve been there and I can. I thought of how I can sum up those ten years of my life? Well, I spent much energy on unhelpful thoughts. But. I traveled to Hungary, Zimbabwe, the UK, Australia. My daughter was born. We moved countries. I saw both my children start at school. I volunteered with reading groups. And eventually, at the age of 39.5, I harnessed all my unhelpful thoughts, and began to yarn them into poetry. My tapestry of life. Passion through poetry.