Passion (in 6 words)

Should we? 

Hell, yeah!

Kiss me.


A Captured Me

A single spark
From your eyes was enough to
Ignite and set me alight

I threw off the shackles
That tied my wrists and bound my feet
To lose myself in reckless abandonment

And so it is and ever will be
That when I think of being free
It is those times when you had

Captured me

Tapestry of Life


A colleague of mine turned thirty today. I spent a few minutes thinking back on my thirties. Just because I’ve been there and I can. I thought of how I can sum up those ten years of my life? Well, I spent much energy on unhelpful thoughts. But. I traveled to Hungary, Zimbabwe, the UK, Australia. My daughter was born. We moved countries. I saw both my children start at school. I volunteered with reading groups. And eventually, at the age of 39.5, I harnessed all my unhelpful thoughts, and began to yarn them into poetry. My tapestry of life. Passion through poetry.