Missing You

Is our friendship really over
Is it time to say goodbye?
Will I never hear your voice
And will I never see your eyes
Why does my heart
Still ache unceasing
Even when my mind commands
To let you go
I think on you
I think of you
I wonder where you are
My heart still loves you
My soul will love you
My body craves to be
Wherever you could be



I wish I knew
I wish I could tell
Or explain
Or understand
Why I do the things I do
Why I drive without a belt
Or sail a wretched sea
I wonder how
I wonder why
There is an empty space
Inside of me
Where is the love?
Where is content
Where is the peace
I hunger for
I do not know
I cannot say
There is no reveal
On why I drive
Without a belt
I know the danger
I know the price
I count the cost
And yet I still
Remain unmoved
A rudderless ship
In a stormy sea
All I know
Is all I have
That I am me
Now and
For eternity

If Only


If only you knew
The passion that rages within
The yearnings that raise their voice
Offering no escape
I want to run
I want to fly
I want to be free
If only you knew
The struggles within my heart
The beating as it raises its tempo
Urging me along
To move
To go
To be
If only you knew
What moves me
What causes my heart to skip its beat
What makes me feel alive
To live
To breathe
To love
If only you knew