A Gentleman

image.jpegI climbed onto the bus, hoping to score at least one seat for myself, because I was alone and only need one. But all the seats were going fast, filling up in front of me, and they were all men for some strange reason. And all the men took a seat, and I arrived at the back after the very last seat was taken. So I placed my bag on the floor in front of me, and prepared myself to stand. A long journey home. And then kindly, a man stood up and offered me his seat, insisting even after he saw my hesitation. And after hearing how TrumpFace would be groping women because he can, I smiled and said thanks. In a world of equality on one hand and objectification on the other, it is still old-fashioned lovely to be offered a seat by a random gentleman on a bus.




The past few weeks I have been in a very negative space. Ungracious and unkind spirit, and having nothing to share.

But a miracle has happened! I have received so much kindness from others, encouragement and love. It really lifts me up, and makes me want to share. Last night a dear friend from bloggyville contacted me, and was so helpful and encouraging and loving. I fell asleep with that feeling of love on my heart. And I woke up with it, I had the thought, people are so kind in general, aren’t they?

I’ve been thinking as well of how helpful and supportive my manager has been. So, me being Vonita, and doing odd things every day, couldn’t resist walking up to him with a greeting of “people are so kind in general, aren’t they”? That’s a cryptic greeting, he replied. He said people are only kind if they are not feeling like they are being caged in, otherwise they might be lashing out. But you show kindness, he said, that’s why people are kind to you. I said to him, you are one of those kind people too, thank you. And then made a quick escape. And my friend reached out to me again this evening, so encouraging and edifying, sharing a Psalm with me and reminding me, we have God, heaven and Angels on our side. As many angels as we may need.

So have decided to go back to South Africa with that feeling on my heart. Just a feeling of wanting to be kind, and finding the love, when sometimes our nature wants to resist.


Black Forest Cake


It was my father’s birthday yesterday. I felt it quite strongly as I am so far away, and no idea when I will see him again. I called to wish him, and he was standing in  his local supermarket. He no longer works, and his age is starting to show. The manager at the supermarket offered him a complimentary cake to celebrate his birthday. My father took great pleasure in standing at the counter, and being able to choose a birthday cake for himself. There is often so much negativity that emanates from South Africa, the corruption and crime. But yesterday an old man was blessed with the gift of a birthday cake from a stranger who cared.

Shopping Bags

At my local supermarket, a shopping trolley can only be used in exchange for a coin. I never bother because it is sometimes difficult to return when the shopping is done, and I’m wanting to get home. So I rather suffer in silence, buying only what can fit in a few bags that can be carried by hand. This morning I was waiting at the car park elevator, burdened with my heavy bags, bigger items wedged underneath my arms, ready to go. No trolley required! I felt a tap on my shoulder. A kind elderly couple said they have plenty of room, I can share their trolley. I attempted a polite decline, but they insisted. After the elevator came to a stop, the man said he will accompany me to my car. And helped pack the bags for me. All with a smile and good nature. A random act of kindness that really touched me.

Kindness Both Ways

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pay It Forward.”

Tell us about a time when you responded to an act of kindness with one of your own.

Thanks for the prompt suggestion, roses4151!

A few months back I had the most awful migraine. I wanted to die. It was a Friday and my husband was in meetings, he was not taking calls. BFF was out of town and an hour’s drive away. Already having overdosed on painkillers with no effect I was a literal mess. My head felt like it was about to explode. I texted a random message to a friend from my church who lives close by. Can you take me to the dr pls? Her car was being serviced so she had no car at home. She phoned around and organised a car from another friend. She collected me and took me to the doctor, waiting with me until I could be attended to. Having no family in Sydney means we have to sometimes rely on others when it is family we would normally turn to.

A few weeks later we were able to help out when her daughter was desperate for help on a school IT project. Clever IT husband-of-mine was able to be the hero-of-the-day!