Follow the Leads

I love the thought that we don’t always have to be striving for an ending in sight. We don’t need to be following a ‘plan’. Sometimes we just need to follow the leads. To be still and listen to our hearts. Listen to the stirrings of our souls. And be true to what we hear.

Be soft enough to hear, and gentle enough to feel. Be willing to be moved. And then follow the leads. 

Allow ourselves to be surprised.

Kaleidoscope Life

The seasons change
Like a kaleidoscope
Held loosely in the palm of a hand

Altering the landscape
Of the days we have survived,
And what are we to do?

Hold on for the journey
Because the past is no more
The secrets have all been shared

While there is breath in us
A mystery yet lies ahead
Take me from where I am

Alone and destitute, vision faltering
Lead me to the waters deep so I can
Dream my new life into being

Let the kaleidoscope of change
Reveal my next home
Waiting patiently for me to arrive.

Celebration of Spring

First day of Spring today. A new month, a new week, a new season. May it bring in a new season of our lives. A season where we can be confident, assured, content and happy. Joy-filled. May all the past and any bitterness and regret be washed away, and a new beginning welcomed. I look to the sun and blue skies and the buds and blossoms and I feel encouraged and strengthened and joyous. The warmth fills my heart and lifts me up. Allows me to grow from where I am, my despair and anguish and pain is cast aside. And filled with laughter and love and joy, and there is a smile on my heart. That smile that radiates from within and bubbles out and springs forth and cannot be hidden.

We are blessed indeed.

Jasmine vintage flower

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