A Coldness

I accelerated as fast as I could. I needed to get to him before it was too late. The thick heavy gates could be closed and there would be no way in. I sat at the wheel and urged myself to go faster. Faster! After a lifetime had passed, I pulled up at the entrance. He was there! I ran to him and pleaded. I’m so sorry for anything I may have done. Please forgive me. Please love me. All shreds of dignity vanished along with the day as I presented myself to him. With a coldness that pained me more than any scolding could ever do, he told me to leave and never return. It’s over.


Missing You

Is our friendship really over
Is it time to say goodbye?
Will I never hear your voice
And will I never see your eyes
Why does my heart
Still ache unceasing
Even when my mind commands
To let you go
I think on you
I think of you
I wonder where you are
My heart still loves you
My soul will love you
My body craves to be
Wherever you could be