Against a naked sky


Cut across the void

Oh! – my empty heart

If only truth be told

My love and depth of need –


Pain and endless tears

I cling to you as best I can

While looking to the stars

So anchored firm and sure

For all those

Times and ages past

Now nothing is the same

Lights and satellites –

Expose the hidden cast

A Coldness

I accelerated as fast as I could. I needed to get to him before it was too late. The thick heavy gates could be closed and there would be no way in. I sat at the wheel and urged myself to go faster. Faster! After a lifetime had passed, I pulled up at the entrance. He was there! I ran to him and pleaded. I’m so sorry for anything I may have done. Please forgive me. Please love me. All shreds of dignity vanished along with the day as I presented myself to him. With a coldness that pained me more than any scolding could ever do, he told me to leave and never return. It’s over.