The Happiness Key

What is the key to happiness? A question presented to myself and others today. 

It was interesting to hear the responses. Family, relationships, health, loving what you do, life moments etc.

I came home and asked my children the question. My daughter, without skipping a beat, said simply “family”. I prompted her on it. She said to me family keeps you safe and happy. It does indeed.

My son replied with ‘meditation’. I asked him what does he know about meditation? He replied by saying ‘nothing, but that’s what he learnt in his religion class at school’. Fair enough!

What is the key to my happiness? I have spent years in anxiety and depression. Perhaps it sounds cynical to say the key to my happiness is my SSRI medication. 

And recently it is public speaking. Public speaking and poetry makes me happy. 

As well as hot tea, reading, writing and my cosy bed. The simple things in life. 

I’m so happy 

For things that make me happy 

Like guitar strings being strummed 

Like music playing 

Like my warm cosy bed 

Like coffee

Like cake yum I love cake 

Like a Johannesburg thunderstorm 

Like watching movies on an airplane 

Like every pay day, yay for pay days 

Like swimming in the sea 

Like massages 

Like my hair being brushed 

Like new clothes days

Like the quietness when I am still at night 

And all I feel is peace and quiet

And I am safe and loved.

I Will Tell You

I will tell you what I do when I’m not having fun anymore
I reveal my heart in the words that I write

I will tell you what my plans are to fill the gaps in my heart
My plans are to write the gaps into words

I will tell you what is left of my time on this earth
To find a blessing in the sun, and the birds and the creation of which we are one

I will tell you about the hidden demons, and the strange and discreet unease inside
For the demons lurk, always in the shadows, even out of sight they make themselves known
To torture and to bring me to my knees, to a place where no help could be offered from this world, forcing me to seek inside myself

I can tell you about my sorrows, my nostalgia, my first love and my first kiss
Because each moment is written in my soul, the good moments and the bad, are woven to form a part of me

I can admit that I have traded my soul for a flat life, that I have tamed my wildness for security, and have worshipped forced interactions instead of celebrating the rawness within
Of which there is so much passion, there is so much yearning, so much longing, so much desire that is kept chained, with their only freedom being in the words that I pen

And I can tell you that it is time, time to wake up to the fact that I am here to Be, not to Become

In response to a poem by Majd Radwan from Sonderpath