Feathers and Messages

Look mom a feather!
And another one!
There are so many
Can we collect some?
Can we gather a few?

Yes you may
Collect a few
Gather some
Feathers so soft and fine
Speaking of creation
And the world we have been
Born into

Time for home
These feathers
Are filling the car
On the seats and the dashboard
Flying out the window
And all around

Unlock the door
Phone rings! Landline!
Run for the hand piece
I’ll get it! Will be for me!

Hi Vonita, how are you?
How is Australia? How is Sydney?
I’ve been thinking about your mom
And have a message for you!
If I mention the word ‘Feathers’
Would it have any meaning to you?
At all?


Image courtesy Ali McGill Photography

Butterfly Effect | Weekly Writing Challenge