Sometimes one is needing tenacity to get through what one needs to get through in life. Such example for me this morning. I failed at something. I had to solve a few problems, and I solved none. In short, I failed. Again. I burst into tears. But fortunately for me, I’m used to failure. And picking myself up again. Because it’s boring and tired on the floor. 

So this afternoon and evening I solved all the problems. I could and I did. It might be too little, too late, but for me, I have closure. I can say I can do something. Because I could and I did. My tears have dried. I am feeling happy (as much as).

And I can say this for myself. I have tenacity.

Feeling Pain

It took three weeks to stop feeling pain when breastfeeding my firstborn. It was so clear in my mind, he was born on a Friday, and the Friday three weeks after I had no pain. After that it was smooth sailing. One of the best feelings for a woman is breastfeeding. But only after the initial pain has passed.

Currently I am feeling pain. It has been a pain for two months and counting. An emotional pain. It appears in my mind at least every day. One day it will pass. And then I  will be on the other side. There will be no more pain. But today, it is still there. 

Waiting to be healed. Waiting to reach the other side.