I Can’t Even Deal

A popular columnist in Sydney will write that “she can’t even deal”. Translation: something has happened that is so profound or obscure or unexpected that she can’t even acknowledge what has happened. As in, it is beyond belief, there are no words.

Well, this evening (my time in Sydney), I can say that “I can’t even deal”. Because I have sent correctly formatted (according to the spec received) Adobe inDesign files through to a publisher for publishing, and they have come back for sign off totally different to what I sent through. So all I can say to this is, I can’t even deal!

Which means, I have a low res PDF version of a book, all the files correctly formatted and designed to create the book, but I Still don’t have a book!

And as my late mother would say if she were here – it begs the question, how hard can it possibly be?

THANK YOU for reading!