Darkness Descending

A shadow without light
Would ne’er a shadow be named
But rather darkness descending
On never ending night

Like moonlight shadows
And shadows with light
A soul’s sore pain echoes
Sweet victory’s delight

One side of a coin
Is one half of a whole
The yin and the yang –
Whole is more than its parts


Finding the Light

The news arrived
Suddenly and unexpectedly
The pain of another
Crossing time and space
Across the miles
Emotions travel
I feel sorrow
I feel sadness
I feel hopeless
I feel privileged
I feel blessed
I feel conflicted
I feel loved
I feel empty
I wonder why
What is it for?
Where does it end?
And how? Please tell me how
To feel joy in the light of
Sinking ships
Lives dying
Lives suffering
Bodies paining
Bodies drowning
I do not know
How to start
Finding the light