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It is love that I am after

The pure, unadulterated, all-encompassing love

That accepts me as I am –

And for who I am.



Empty Promises


It was romance I was after
Candlelight and care and love
Intimate moments
When eyes meet eyes
And skin touches skin
But all this world had to offer
Was emptiness and lust
And the craving for what should be
When what was held out
Was everything
That it was not


Missing You

Is our friendship really over
Is it time to say goodbye?
Will I never hear your voice
And will I never see your eyes
Why does my heart
Still ache unceasing
Even when my mind commands
To let you go
I think on you
I think of you
I wonder where you are
My heart still loves you
My soul will love you
My body craves to be
Wherever you could be