Cat pillow dog blanket

I have a friend very close to me
Who wonders why it was meant to be

Why are we here? What is it for
Is there any reason to be here at all?

I do not know, there are no words
To justify why we are in the world

All I have is all I know
That I am glad for this moment now

To be alive and to be aware
To be a part of our world to share

So while we breathe – live in harmony
For each life forms the world’s company

Dogs and cats and humans too
Snakes and rats and a kangaroo

For without this life breathed into us
It would all be bleak, nothing to discuss

So let us praise, let us rejoice
Let us sing with a joyful voice

For this common force, the world we share
For our earth and pure magic air

You Are My Company


This morning I walked my daughter to school, instead of dropping her off outside the gates. When we entered the road that her school is in, there was only a short way to go, and she is getting older now. I said to her, you can walk the rest of the way by yourself. And she replied, I don’t want to, I want you to walk with me, you are my company. One little sentence that made my heart soar, and heart sore for knowing that she will grow and fly away. Yes, my child, for now, I am your company, and you are mine.