When my husband and I entered into a relationship, it was the most amazing feeling of arriving home! Gone was all my insecurities, and struggles of being alone. We started our relationship on a Sunday evening in 2001, and on the Monday I saw him at work. I had a string of failed relationships behind me and felt a bit cautious. I mentioned to him that he was welcome to visit me after work. He accepted and came over that evening. He stayed with me, keeping me company, not taking advantage of me. And every night after that he was there. Nine months later we were married. He has never made me doubt his love for me. He is calm where I am passionate. He is a carer by nature, caring for me, and for our children. Patient and kind. I was blessed the day he entered my life. And chose to stay.

Sharing Lives

Your love held me captive
At times when I wanted to escape
Spread my wings and fly away
You held me close and loved me
When I shed tears
Your eyes shed silent tears
Merging with mine
I never doubted your love
When I couldn’t love myself
We said our vows
I gave myself to you
You gave your heart to me
And after all these years
Our fights and tears and joy and pain
I love you
And hope you still
Love me too