Toy Story

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Toy Story.”


My favorite toy was a doll my maternal grandmother sent to me from Cape Town. It arrived in a box complete with knitted clothes and bonnet. In Afrikaans they have a lovely word for bonnet – “koppie kappie”. Which directly translated reads a small head covering. It is one of a few items I have kept from my childhood. She is now under my daughter’s protective care.

There is a little musical box embedded into her at the back. A tiny record fitted into it and would play some music. One day the neighborhood boys grabbed my doll and ripped the record out. I remember two of their names. Ryan and Brendan. You have been shamed! I must have been five or younger, as we were living in a house and after that we moved to an apartment. I was five when I broke my collarbone and that happened when I was in the apartment.

Eccentric Planet

A form of honesty
Never did any harm
I’ve always been taught,
So given the chance

To look back at all the things
I’ve said and done
A bit of eccentricity
Comes to the fore

I was tempted to write
About a close relative of mine
Who passed away so many years ago
Until I started myself thinking

About all the things
I’ve been heard to say
I’ve been asked by mouths of babes
“Why do I do things I do?”

When wrapped in my own little world –
Talking aloud to only me
(Or even setting the midnight alarm
To arise and pen a daily post

Proving a level of eccentricity
I’m sure anyone would agree
“You do what?”
Yeah it’s true, I set the alarm

Because the daily post needs to be responded to
And one entry needs to be from me)
I found out the other day
When I spoke quite triumphantly

About my book – what a surprise
This has turned out to be
Because when I was but a child
I was held back from starting school

A ‘special school’ was suggested quite highly
I ended up attending a mainstream one
But at least I now have an answer
When it is at oftentimes asked –

For when I do the strangest things
That would send a husband under the desk
“What planet would you be from –
When you do the things you do”

My answer now can be
My planet is Vonita
And if this you do not believe
Visit my online blog and home

Passion through Poetry
movingtowardsthelight – VIVA
I am the author
Every word is mine

And not only that
My book is written
It has been written by me!
(Thanking Oscar and Tim for their contributions too!)