I wondered if I should get on the bus that already had a few standing passengers, and not knowing how long until the next one arrived I decided to take the chance, and now I have the first world problem in that someone decided to stand in my tiny little corner of bus space, and now my feet have nowhere to go except through the legs of another man, his legs are touching mine, I can smell his smelly spare shoes in his hand and his back keeps on touching my face, and I am like, really


(My feet were there first! In my space)

A Gentleman

image.jpegI climbed onto the bus, hoping to score at least one seat for myself, because I was alone and only need one. But all the seats were going fast, filling up in front of me, and they were all men for some strange reason. And all the men took a seat, and I arrived at the back after the very last seat was taken. So I placed my bag on the floor in front of me, and prepared myself to stand. A long journey home. And then kindly, a man stood up and offered me his seat, insisting even after he saw my hesitation. And after hearing how TrumpFace would be groping women because he can, I smiled and said thanks. In a world of equality on one hand and objectification on the other, it is still old-fashioned lovely to be offered a seat by a random gentleman on a bus.