last night I received a job to do
a job I’ve never done before
I had to choose some images
and place them not just randomly

but in their place to make a theme
write a story with no words at all
allow the colors to speak for me –
not something I can do quite easily

(for my life has always been around
numbers, logic, not much creativity
for one day job I have ever known –
the only profession I have filled

has been back-end, getting code to run
connect to banks, and test and fix
look up data and read it back
VXML my speciality)

now a mood board must I create
and where to even start?
so I chose images to choose my words
and speak my story instead of me

there is nature, there is light
there is style, there is life
there is a butterfly and trees
two pins for victory (not double loser pins like we’ve seen before)

And to form a theme, simplicity
building blocks to make a frame
to tie it all together, orange for Passion
not forgetting a few books for Poetry!

What do ya think, is it a pass?
Or should I do another one?



Images from Pinterest: Passion through Poetry MoonBoard here