There is much to be said about
For every year without fail
They knock on the door
To take and to give
Taking babies away
And giving children in return
Taking children away
Leaving teenagers in their place
Birthdays are for balloons
And cake and gifts and
Parties and
Birthdays are for
And birthdays will always be

Which One?!

Okay, I’m down to three, and for the life of me I can’t decide! Birthday shopping Vonita-style, they each have their own card and wrapping paper. All with return vouchers so I can obsess in comfort.

So, A (florabotanica 100ml), B (Issey Miyake Pure with gift box 90ml), C (FlowerBomb teeny weeny 30mls with gift box), or D (flowerbomb 50ml but no gift box)?  All similar values.

Help! Which one!

(My friend is in age range 45-49 if that makes a difference?)

Tapestry of Life


A colleague of mine turned thirty today. I spent a few minutes thinking back on my thirties. Just because I’ve been there and I can. I thought of how I can sum up those ten years of my life? Well, I spent much energy on unhelpful thoughts. But. I traveled to Hungary, Zimbabwe, the UK, Australia. My daughter was born. We moved countries. I saw both my children start at school. I volunteered with reading groups. And eventually, at the age of 39.5, I harnessed all my unhelpful thoughts, and began to yarn them into poetry. My tapestry of life. Passion through poetry.

Thank You!

Thank you for all the kind wishes sent my way. The WordPress community is really wonderful, am so touched to have received so many kind words and wishes from souls living in different parts of the world, people I’ve never met, the kindness and community spirit is overwhelming!

You have helped to make my day very special, I am filled with gratitude, thank you!

This cute little puppy belongs to my best friend, her name is Charlie, I received these photos this morning to wish me happy birthday!