Flower Post or Birthday Cake?

The best gift given to me
Is difficult to decide

How would one choose between ‘Flower Post’
Hand delivered to my home address

By a special little girl –
Or would I choose a Home-Baked cake

In the flag of my Home Land as a
Surprise for my birthday in April of this year?

Any ideas – how could one even make a
Choice between these two?






New Day (ten minutes unedited)

A new day has dawned
The morning sun filtering
Delicately into the room
Bringing its version of light
Beckoning me

To awake and to arise
To emerge myself in the day
That would lie ahead
I hear the chirping of birds
Cars driving by

Melodies of creation far and near
Different sounds of nature’s songs
Filling my heart with
A joyful gladness of being alive
On this new day

A precious gift to humankind
And to creation that would us surround
To have a world that we may enjoy
Graciously thought out in its being
Wondrous marvel

My life could be taken today
What would be my parting words
What would I like my testimony to be?
That I was alive and I lived and felt
Gave thanks and loved