The Black Dog

The sun is rising

And yet it’s dark

The birds are singing

And still it’s stark

The sky is grey

When it should be blue

l feel I should be happy

But no, I’m like old glue

Yet life should be joyful

I gave so much

Yet the vacuum is imposing

I am my own crutch

The black dog is relentless

So insistent to be pattered

Another day has gone

It’s like it never mattered

(Anonymous Poet)

9 thoughts on “The Black Dog

      1. Hehe. I’m Canadian. We celebrate in early October for a slightly different reason that the US initially did. But, we do have their Black Friday here.

        Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, now are earlier?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Perhaps Australia Day on January 26th, it’s normally a celebration day but because it is in the middle of summer, we would normally have a bbq or any summertime food 🙂 fun in the sun!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes, I imagine that day is very fun. My brother has been to Adelaide, Canberra, Sidney, etc… a couple of long visits, and that was always one of his favorite times to visit during your Australia Day. We have Canada Day on July 1st. I think that’s similar. That’s usually hot weather too, & lots of fun activities & parties. 4 days b4 the Americans have July 4th. Justin (my brother) said he enjoyed your Australia Day though the most. Well, enjoy your weekend Vonita. Good to chat a bit. I hope things are wonderful for you these days.


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