A New Start

Back in the day (Jan 2008) I started a new job. My first position in Sydney and on the bus trip in, I spent a moment in reflection. What were my dreams, my goals, my ambition. What did I want to achieve?

I wanted to make friends. I wanted to achieve, and to be noticed and to be acknowledged. I wanted to belong.

I met one of my best friends through that job (a friend of a wife of a colleague). I achieved inasmuch as I could. I belonged to a fair extent. And spent ten years in that position. Before I finally had the courage to admit that I had achieved everything I could, and it was time for change.

This past year has been that time of change. Leaving comfortable environments. Pushing myself. Discovering who I am and what I stand for. Being tested under adversity. How will I react? Will I crumble or will I rise. Do I have what it takes. Can I fight and face my fears.

Today I start again. And my focus has changed. It is not on being noticed and acknowledged and being ‘liked’. My focus is on giving. On creating and producing and achieving. On being the best I can be. To provide my strengths the room to grow, to strengthen, to shine. I’ve discovered talents I never knew I had. I’ve discovered creativity. I have tenacity. I have drive. I have passion.

Whatever may come, whatever time I have left, I will be the best version of myself that I can be.

11 thoughts on “A New Start

    1. Thank you, 2018 has been a big year Erika, and it’s still not over yet. Good and bad, not all good. I start in an hour! I’m sure your year has been the same? Nice to hear from you 😊

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