Quicker, Faster, Go!

After three years of constant poetry, photography and general blogging, I have taken a big step today. I have written and published my very first ‘technical’ article on LinkedIn. I always wanted to write one but never knew what to write.

If anyone is on LinkedIn, please do view my article and like it! It would mean so much as a first step in my technical writing journey!

Love and blessings




19 thoughts on “Quicker, Faster, Go!

    1. Thanks for reading Kelly! I’ve always wanted to write something but haven’t known what to write. Random blog poetry is a world apart from writing that a professional network will be across! Thanks again Xx

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  1. Hello sweet friend I read your article and I love it. I’m not in LinkedIn I don’t have the time to manage another site. I’m excited to see what you are doing in a big fan of quick keys 🧡🧡🧡look orange hearts remind me of you 🧡🧡🧡

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