Darker Shade of Grey


What should you do
When the world is so dark
That there is no sun or light
Or day
When the moon has shed its
And the sun has stepped
The birds still sing their song
Their song that echoes
Of years gone by and
Days to come and
And yet
Their soaring sounds and
Outspread wings hold
No sway
The world remains a
Darker shade of


33 thoughts on “Darker Shade of Grey

    1. So true, this was inspired by someone close to me who is going through a dark time, and I have been there so totally understand the feeling, have not ruled out that I would never return there again, though I pray not!

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      1. I hope this person is soon seeing the light again. We never know if life throws us into such a place. But it is important to not forget that when the moon is missed the stars are shining eve brighter.

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      2. Yes, the person is soon to go through some life changes, and in the current circumstances cannot see the way forward. I can feel the pain, and also when in a country that offers no social security (South Africa), you are left on your own, it is a very frightening situation to be in.

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  1. This is very lovely and thoughtful. I loved how it just seemed to flow as I read it. I always love last lines for some reason, I guess how you end things is vital . I like yours a lot ” No Sway/ The world remains a darker shade of Grey.” It’s a beautiful set of lines and meaningful.

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  2. I really love gray/grey. It’s one of my favorite colors. Other colors really pop when you use it! Orange and gray look so amazing together. I love this and the birds. I love darker shades of grey too! I was thinking how I love grey days. I don’t mind them at all. Where I live is so hot in the summer that there grey days make for wonderful reflections. I love to do that too! I love this post too! πŸ˜€ Wow! ❀

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