I was invited to a birthday tea this afternoon for one of my best friends in Sydney. We had organised a combined gift, but with the option of giving our own cards. On arrival I reached into my bag, and took out the card I had bought and added it to the others. When my friend came to open the card (in pink envelope), she saw that it had my name on it. Why would I have written my own name on the card and not hers? Is this what happens as one begins to age? But there it was. My name written and not hers. It didn’t make any sense. Until she opened it. And right there was the card she had given me on my birthday in April. And not only that, the gift voucher (still not redeemed) was right there in the middle of the card. Can you imagine?! How embarrassing!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! When I reached into my bag to get her card, I didn’t realize there were Two pink envelopes and I took the wrong one out. What a mix-up. My bad!


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