14 thoughts on “Wallboard #2

  1. That’s a pretty inspiring quote – I ince heard tony compolla speak and he asked everyone how long they have been alive – and then he said not physically born – but living a life that was alive – it was powerful! And so is this quote! And u seem pretty alive by the way

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    1. Thank you for sharing the thoughts from Tony Compella! Blogs are creative outlets which are wonderful to have, before I had a blog I never had a creative outlet I guess, it helps me to look at the world in a different light. I’m sure many people may feel like that!

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      1. Yeah I am sure others would agree too- and I like the outlet it is for me – but so funny because I started mine for a different reason – long story but the short version is there was a pool incident in summer 2013 – I complained about some burgers this crabby guy was cooking – he was Cross contaminating and little things surfaced – it worked out but when I got home I felt like part of the prob was he did. It know my heart – so I made a few posts – wrote for the heart and it was just on faith things – a d some poems my kids had to learn about – anyhow – a couple weeks later I was about to quit it – and jus let it sit as a resource – but I got like 7 followers that week – and as cheesy as that sounds – I was delighted! The rest is history and it is been ash amid and very special gift in my life . True gift – and I have evolved and find that I am in my third phase – and that hamburger guy has never visited and that is quite ok

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      2. Thank you for sharing your experience! I knew nothing about blogs when I first started! I received an email for my first ‘like’ notification, and I was wondering how did anyone even get to see my post? I didn’t know about the reader then.


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