This morning my oldest friend (from when I was thirteen) called me instead of texting. We had a brief connection where we could speak for awhile. She is in Johannesburg, and timezone difference make it somewhat more difficult than texting. Afterwards, she texted me and said it was so nice just to hear my voice. This evening I listened to an interview of an online friend of mine. It is the first time I heard her voice. And it sounded exactly like I thought it would sound! When my mother passed away, I remember thinking I will never hear her voice again! But I do. I hear it in my dreams. Our voices are a gift. It allows us to express ourselves. Yesterday I said words that expressed my soul. And today I was left wondering, why did I say those things? Because it was the only way my soul could express itself. Each soul is unique. Including mine. And that is okay.

13 thoughts on “Voices

  1. That is very true. I feel the same about voices. They give the whole picture we have from somebody that frame. They make us read the written words a little different maybe because we have a deeper connection in hearing their voices. I still remember my grandfather’s voice who passed 24 years ago. It is a gift to still hear it within me. I am glad my voice did not disappoint you 🙂

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