You’ve Got A Friend

There are times when
There are so many words that I type
Too much for even me, should I discard
Or should I publish for the world to read

And then I decide
If it could touch another
Then all that would be felt within
Would not all be in vain, but fill a need

Thank you around the world
For all the kindness  received
For encouraging words and support
It helps my heart to stop its bleed

4 thoughts on “You’ve Got A Friend

  1. Aw! Everyone needs a friend as no man’s an island! We’re only able to get through each day by drawing some much needed strength from one another! Thanks for being a friend by sharing your gifting and do well to always forge ahead by posting those pieces, that though to you they appear bland, to another; they’re just ’bout the tastiest ‘offering’ they might be getting to move right ahead! Thumbs up! LOL

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