14 thoughts on “Angular

      1. I would say there is a difference in looking and seeing. I’d like to think that as photographers we have done a better job of seeing. For me there is still lots of room for growth. I’m now reading more about design because I don’t have an understanding of what I’m seeing from a composition point of view and the vocabulary to describe it.

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      2. I have never been a photographer, only since starting my blog and needing images for my writing have I started seeing things in a different light, it seems the first step as a photographer is to start noticing.


    1. Thank you, it was odd that I took the photo not knowing what to do with it, just knowing that it needed to be taken (there would be a need for all these angles), and then as it would happen weekly challenge is on Angular!


  1. Enough angles there to satisfy the Challenge, and as someone earlier pointed out, the curvey building complements the whole.

    (I call such shots pot-lucks) (when I see something I like, and shoot it, with no real destination in mind (yet).

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    1. Yes, it was a total pot-luck shot, had no idea why I was taking the photo or what I was going to do with it. It was taken only a few days ago, maybe Wednesday or Thursday? (I had in my mind – look at all these angles I need to take a photo!) Thank you for the comments 🙂


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